PHMC Behavioral Health Division


Promoting Recovery, Sobriety and Community Wellness

If you or anyone you know is struggling with emotional trauma, grief or loss, addiction, depression or anxiety, the PHMC Behavioral Health programs can help you. Our staff is specially trained in trauma-informed care, which creates a safe and supportive environment for recovery, for you and your loved ones.

Patients of the PHMC Health Network can be connected with any of the services below, and we keep all information and referrals confidential. We also provide trauma support onsite at our Rising Sun and Health Center locations.

If you would like more information, ask your PHMC Health Network provider for a referral. Or, you can call anytime and ask to speak to one of our social workers.


The Bridge
Modern Residential treatment program for adolescent males between the ages of 14-18. Located in a peaceful setting, The Bridge provides a caring staff to address the treatment needs of young males who may be struggling with substance use or dependence, and may have a mental health issue.


Located conveniently in Center City, CHANCES is an outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for women with a diagnosed substance abuse issue and up to three of their children. One of the few treatment programs in the City to provide a therapeutic setting for women and children, CHANCES includes an onsite day care program as well as structured parent-child play time.


Family Therapy Treatment Program
FTTP is the answer for couples needing therapy, or families needing help with reunification after being legally separated. Our therapists can accommodate your needs by providing therapy at the family home or in our offices.


Interim House Inc.
Women struggling with substance abuse can pursue recovery in this welcoming residential setting. Located in a beautiful historic home, Interim House provides a wide range of services to support women with substance abuse and trauma issues. Also provides Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment as needed.


Interim House West
Women with substance abuse and mental health issues who also have young children, can come to IHW for treatment and support. A residential program, IHW offers women and children a range of services while they are living at IHW including an on-site clinical pre-school and after-school program.


Joseph J. Peters Institute (JJPI)
One of the country’s first initiatives in the treatment of sexual abuse, JJPI provides services in a therapeutic setting for survivors of sexual abuse and other traumas. The program also provides therapy for individuals with sexual behavior problems, including offenders.