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What is 5210?

5210 Children


5210 Let's Go! is a national program designed to increase healthy eating and active living for kids and their families. The program is used in schools, clinics, and community programs to educate everyone about the importance of healthy choices. The PHMC health network can help support you and your family in making healthy choices by providing the flu shots, health screenings and care services you need.

You can Win with 5210!


Do you have healthy habits? Answer these questions to find out!
Bring this form with you the next time you visit the health center.



Are you really ready to get more energy? Try this readiness ruler.


Healthy Eating Tools

Healthy Favorites-Tips and Recipes
Go Foods/Slow Foods/Whoa Foods
Water is Fuel for Your Body
Tasty Snacks for Healthy Kids
Healthy Shopping on a Budget
How Much Sugar do You Drink


Healthy Activities Tools

Step Away from the Sugar
Fun Ways to be Physically Active


If you or your family needs a healthcare provider, you can come to one of the health centers in the PHMC health network. Click here for more information or call 855.887.9229.